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Business consulting services in the UK – interview with the founder of MikyNiky Consulting Mr. Parodi

Carlo Parodi, the founder of MN Consulting Ltd, is talking about the company, its business consulting services and overall economic situation in Europe.


- How did you come up with the idea of creating MN Consulting company?

I decided to create MikyNiky Consulting Ltd because I saw an increasing interest especially from Italian business people who are looking for a new opportunity where to start business in a country with lower taxes and more opportunities with almost absence of annoying bureaucracy. I wanted to create a full package of services from A to Z giving the best suggestions in terms of taking care of their own interest.


- Why did you base the company in London?
I based MN Consulting here for many reasons as:

- I consider London the European New York full of opportunities and with huge visibility.

- Taxes are much more convenient respecting Italy for example.

- Is not a narrow minded country, the UK is giving a chance to everyone who wants to realize, in every sector. 


- What is your target audience?
My target audience is business people who run own business in Italy or other countries and want to open a branch or create something different.

Lawyers who could bring clients with various needs. Accountants and fiscal experts who have clients interested in a lower taxation. And young people who wanna start a business in an easier way instead of facing with numbers of problems to solve.


- What are the main services of the company?
Taking care from the real beginning of the clients. Listening their requirements and understand their doubts proposing the best customized solution. We inform clients about all the business rules in UK and assist them to open their limited and business bank account, we give a legal seat and offer secretary services, we do accounting and arrange assistance for UK resident application with all the docs required etc. In conclusion we really take care of our Сlient since the beginning completely.


- What languages do you specialists speak?
I speak my native Italian language, English, French and Spanish. In office we have also native Russian speakers.


- How do you evaluate current economic situation in Europe and UK?

The actual European economy’s condition is not a secret because everybody knows it thanks to all daily news. Unfortunately Europe is still suffering a lot and trying to get better but with all the different countries with different economic problems being part of it is a real hard work taking a lot of time. Opposite, UK economy is growing every year and international investors as well. Probably because of low taxes and better economic system UK still remains, in my personal opinion, the best choice in the old continent!


( by Anna Maximova, PhD in economics)